Julie Jetzer, LMBT, CST

Julie’s focus in CST is with pre-crawlers at or under 6 months old. She understands this is an exciting time in the family so she offers convenient scheduling on her Infant CST page.  Please allow yourself 5-10 minutes to schedule and fill out the intake.  The initial session runs 60 minutes and follow-ups are offered at either 60 or 30 minutes.


In 2014, Julie founded the Corrective Core Muscleskeltol Method when she began working with women suffering from a condition called Diastasis Recti. Julie expanded her Certified Personal Trainer background with triathletes and began her training in Massage and Bodywork Therapy. By gaining experience in over 18 advanced training and prenatal/postpartum certifications, Julie created a platform to serve women. Also, she has gone through advanced training in Infant Craniosacral, Breast Lymphatic Massage and Medicupping Therapy for scar tissue release.

Julie impacts many women with prenatal, delivery, and postpartum development. The support, information, innate self-healing tools, and specific therapeutic techniques that Julie provides, allows clients to better understand their bodies, be empowered, and re-balance their lives in order to be better for their families and themselves.


Craniosacral training:

Upleadger Institute: CST1, CST2, SER1, CSP1

Carol Gray Cranosacral: Subtle Hands, CST for infants, CST for Infants Advanced Clinical Skills

Professional experience:
Certified Personal Trainer, since 2014
Certified Health Coach, since 2015
Massage Therapy, since 2018, LMBT #17706
Craniosacral Therapy, since 2018
Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner, since 2018
Certified Infant Massage Instructor, since 2019 
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Located within Blossom Tree Wellness

15905 Brookway Dr #4106

Huntersville, NC